Melissa at St. Paul’s

This photo was taken on the steps of St. Paul's Cathedral in London by my partner Mark Jeffries. I think I look like Medusa and I like it.
One thing though, if you ever go to see St. Paul's, you will notice how odd it appears as the architecture is based off of St. Peter's in Rome, but it's in the middle of London instead. It really doesn't match.


Spirit Rose and Saturn

Sprit Rose and Saturn

I have a South American background and that is the reason for the names in the title. The card on the left was for my mother and the one on the right was for my grandmother. Both of them have birthdays in March, so there''s a lot of Aries energy from them. I grew up with some very strong women as family, no little wilting flowers. I am glad to have been shown that way of being, that one can be a Warrior and female.

Hello World, Are You There?

So it would seem that my want to blog and connect has gone beyond what I feel tumblr can do, so if you know my tumblr I think you are going to like this site even more since it’s a lot more about the content without any re-blogging from others. I am going to continue my Cool, Happy Things project on both the blogs but will get more in depth here. So welcome and thanks for joining the party.