Rare Unearthly Thing

This is based on a particular line from Jane Eyre and is in my sketchbook/art journal.


Cool, Happy Thing 45

Sometimes I can feel anger start to surface, like fire beneath my porcelain facade. Any minute I will be a disastrous, monstrous mess. Can I always control this feeling? No. Honestly, the few times I can feel like a miracle, and I doubt it’s my will alone that is stopping it. But sometimes I need music to help me.

What kinds of music could halt the dragon inside from flying forth and causing me and others pain? Sometimes it’s the angriest, most violent metal I know, or songs with mad lyrics that soothe the angry feeling. And sometimes it’s beautiful songs, happy songs, that lull the dragon into sleep, and ask the angel instead to come out and be happy. Either way, I’m glad I at least have this one thing.

Cool, Happy Thing 35- Beltane

Today is Beltane, the Celtic traditional first day of summer. Also as a pagan, it’s a major fire holiday (which is good as I am also a bit of a pyro). In England, the holiday isn’t until the 7th of May (really supposed to be called International Workers’ Day- don’t ask), so really I suppose this is more of a pre-celebration of the beginning of the the late Spring, start of summer season. This works for me. :3

Earlier today, me and Mark spent the first nice day here, out taking pictures and playing in the park. I ended up playing with so many fallen tree blossom I did feel like the Queen of Spring. I’m the Queen of Fire! Watching all the dog run around happy also put a smile on my face. It was a really simple day, and a really good one too.