Cool, Happy Thing 40- In Praise of Drag Queens

Drag queen get a lot of flack for being ostentatious, freaky, teases, etc. But I think they are some of the greatest performers out there, they are in fact, shining aspects of the Goddess. Does that seem silly? These are men who love and admire what it means to be a woman so much, they will not just play at being it, but create whole personas around it.

I used to hate being in this body. I hated I could not be as thin and androgynous as a boy. I hate that I get cat called at night alone. I hate that I get treated like a weak little doll at times. But I remember that I don’t need to hate my body, and being female does not make me weak. If a drag queen is not limited by sex or gender, than why the hell would I let myself be?!