Cool, Happy Thing 62

Sometimes you have days when the progress you have made towards change stalls. Sometimes in fact, you take two steps back. It seems like all the work, the effort, and the change has been spoiled. But it hasn’t. This is just a hurdle, a challenge to try harder, to do better. I could look at everything as spoiled, or can see that it’s just a difficult transitional space. And this is how I chose to look at it. I will continue on towards change, towards progress. I am not a failure, I am human, and sometimes I falter. ┬áBut I have a strong spirit, and I choose to follow it.


Cool, Happy Thing 57: My Time

It’s nice to give myself a break at times. After having spent a lifetime mentally tearing apart anything good in my life, to be able to tell myself to just relax. Sometimes after all the stress and hurt and pain it’s good when you can stop yourself from hurting yourself further. I do not need anymore scars or bad memories. I do not need to be the pain in my life. It’s time I can give myself a rest and be able to say: “You have nothing to be ashamed of.”

Cool, Happy Thing 53

I know, it’s been awhile since I have worked on this project of mine- oops! Life sometimes makes it difficult to keep up our habits and routines, and that’s often a good thing. Life should be an adventure. My life is an adventure, it throws trials my way that often seem to be too much to handle and levels of happiness and ecstasy I did not think it was possible to feel. And that is what’s so amazing right now, Life.