Do You Think I’m A Whore?



Kind of a feminist comment but also taken from the title of a song from one of my favourite bands, Kittie.  The quality of this picture isn’t great but I just wanted to put it up anyway.


Cool, Happy Thing 45

Sometimes I can feel anger start to surface, like fire beneath my porcelain facade. Any minute I will be a disastrous, monstrous mess. Can I always control this feeling? No. Honestly, the few times I can feel like a miracle, and I doubt it’s my will alone that is stopping it. But sometimes I need music to help me.

What kinds of music could halt the dragon inside from flying forth and causing me and others pain? Sometimes it’s the angriest, most violent metal I know, or songs with mad lyrics that soothe the angry feeling. And sometimes it’s beautiful songs, happy songs, that lull the dragon into sleep, and ask the angel instead to come out and be happy. Either way, I’m glad I at least have this one thing.

Cool, Happy Thing 44

Today is another day. Another day to be happy. Another day to feel joy. Another day to just relax and ease into my very tightly wound body and mind. I still need to study some, but for now I need to rest. I need to find out what I can do to be happy creatively. I have been painting a lot of watercolours and drawing a lot, as well. I am also trying to figure out how I can go about getting into singing- and not just along to my iPhone, I mean for real.