Is the price of the material worth it?

And I wonder what should I do?

I keep fooling, following

the others before me

that further confuses me

I see this black smudge

on one’s pink page

And question if I should

use blue?

And one person’s straight,

small line,

are just child’s swirling patterns

when done by the unknown hand

And one’s few words

cut up sentences

their sentence

is just raving and complaining

when your file is thin

And presenting a white page

One line

hailed as masterful and genius

And the piss Christ-

created flaming hearts of rage in devout crowds

But would be sheer laziness,

if a grant wasn’t written

and I didn’t have funny hair,

and I didn’t howl at the moon,

when it was gone

Because the truth is

they can’t tell you

how they know

it’s any good