Another dragon sketch

This was done when I was attempting to pay attention in my lecture.Another dragon sketch

It costs a lot to be a broke student!

Damn! I decided after spending the last 2 years living and learning in England, that I really needed to go back to Canada because I can’t afford to go to university here anymore. My other half is moving to Canada with me so never again the long distance relationship crap.

I have applied to some universities in Ontario, but holy crap! It cost over $300 just to submit an application! And an extra $12 for every transcript request! It seems strange that the key compromise of the student life is that you will likely be fairly poor during your years in school. Not to mention, have quite a bit of student debt afterward. Governments don’t seem to account for this in their fees.

And yet, it’s significantly less to deal with financially compared to England. Here the fees for an international student are £10 000 a year! At first it was horrible to be so severely gouged just for being a foreigner, but now it costs £9000 a year for UK students.

It does feel as though governments and bureaucracies want anyone without money to be unable to better themselves through school. And to have this option only open to those who already have money. It’s like living in a third world country in this respect, especially here in England. There are no more middle class. It’s all upper class, working class or lower.

I’m not saying that this issue with university can compare to the outright poverty in true third world countries. It’s just that this does seem to be a step in the wrong direction. To make it more difficult for the population to raise themselves up through education. My parents are from third world countries and these sorts of issues is why they left to move to Canada.

But it seems we have little say at the moment.